Monday, December 13, 2010


The Dallas Morning News/
College Student Design Contest
Who can create the best college recruiting brochure?

Are you a graphic design guru? The Dallas Morning News, a top 5 media market newspaper and media solutions company, is looking for a two-fold or tri-fold color brochure that we can use at college recruiting events and conferences such as CNBAM. The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges at The Dallas Morning News. This contest is a great addition to your portfolio. And, the winner will receive a $100 Southwest Airlines gift card!

Characteristics of the winning brochure should contain:
Design that “speaks” to the college audience
Accurate grammar and spelling
Information to be included in the brochure is:
We are offering Advertising Media Sales Careers
We offer over 80 different products between print, online, texting and iphone and ipad applications
We are looking for talented, career minded sales people
We offer career growth and financial reward to those who perform well
Vacation and benefits package, mileage and cell phone reimbursement
Base pay and commission
To apply for jobs with us submit your resume to

Please include any other information that you feel would be relevant to a college student. Be creative and innovative in how you present the information. Use this as an opportunity to think about what would be important to a graduating senior when making a career choice. All submissions must be sent to Amber Thigpen, Senior Recruiter for The Dallas Morning News, by February 12th at 5:00 p.m. The winner will be announced on February 22nd. Make sure that your submission includes your name, school, and contact information. If you have any questions about the contest or brochure please email Amber Thigpen at

Friday, December 3, 2010

The ADDY Awards Competition!!!!

Enter your local ADDY competition and let everyone in your market see what you can do, and if you're really good, ad professionals everywhere are goign to find out when you storm through districts on your way to the coveted gold national ADDY! Get entered, get known, get up that career ladder two rungs at a time!
Student entries are $50 this year.

Rules and categories are available here:
For more info on the American Advertising Federation - ADDY Awards, click here: